BREAKING II: just got intel that A’s 6 should arm themselves. i’m anal about my writing and when i see inconsistencies in my writing especially after proof reading my shit it comes to my attention. part of my intel comes from the cloud/T9/autocorrect that is controlled partly by apple and IT networks where my posts first get filtered. i know this since i have been asked to work together with these fools. just for the record, I WORK ALONE. so they force themselves into my shit through the cloud.
why this is more alarming than the normal harrassment that i get from these sell out hackers is because it is a result of the recent posts i’ve been making about our ASHKENAZI SOCIALIST MASTERS and their props namely the ROYALS and RELIGIOUS ADMINISTRATORS. i already caught wind of it when it came to mind HOW URGENT IT IS TO ORGANIZE A MILITARY COUP DE ETAT IN EVERY BRANCH AND IN EVERY COUNTRY WORLDWIDE TO AVOID DEATH AND INJURY. because their next step would be to arm the royal and governmental guards. i cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could still be loyal to these treasonous murdering thieves of humanity. think of how egypts military supported the peoples prostests to overthrow morcy. but people died and got hurt as it turned violent. the philippine revolution of 1985 on the other hand was lead by general ramos who brought the military in early enough that no one was killed nor hurt.
do not put the kids out for something this big unless they are aware of the consequences. they have been doing that this entire time only to be filtered and netted in a psyop. this is how they are filtering trouble makers in the next generation. IT’S A CULLING. it’s like a shrimping expedition for these control freaks who absolutely needs to have their new world order set into place to eternalize their status quo. they have done this with “terrorists” namely those who went to syria only to be killed in war. they have done this also with lone wolf killers who fell victim to the socialist ashkenazi gestapo poltergeisting harrassment bullying system. they are heroes and martyrs. and certainly had more balls than some of us who just go along with the system. that being said, keep it cool. i dont want to see any of you fall into their traps.



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