FOR YOU DARK NET FANS OUT THERE, WHAT IS YOUR PRIORITY? LIFE OR YOUR FUCKING HIGH? seriously, you got killers using the dark net to carry out assassination agendas by using BITCOIN. 

who is the grandfather of BITCOIN? NO, not the JAPANESE SCAPEGOATED supposed inventor of BITCOIN, satoshi nakamoto, it is MAX KEISER, the ashkenazi socialist jew par excellence. i mean, the guy is first of all an economist and he’s in a circle of actors with fake names. LMAO! he also also is a fervent supporter of ANONYMOUS who is an avid fan of the darknet and bitcoin. with your investment background max, would you happen to be one of the anonymous investors in the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX? hmmm… btw, the last time i wrote on bitcoin, MAXCOIN supposedly had been shut down. and now i see that it’s still up. i wouldn’t expect anything less from a snake jew.
in the middle of writing this post, i had the urge to put some tunes on and what was the last song i put on hold? KASHMIR. you cant make this shit up.



Don't worry about it. Just read the Blog and you'll know what this Blog is all about.
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