the way to DR. MED. MICHAEL FUCKNERS HOUSE AND PRACTICE. this family including KIKI FUCKNER was part of a network that tried to isolate me and mob me out of the country. hence trying to eliminate my sixes. kiki even went as far as to set me up by flirting that her husband who was a good friend gave me shit for it. i know i was being respectful just by denying it JAMIE. but here’s what i really thought, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN YOUR UGLY ASS ANOREXIC CROSS-EYED WIFE. remember the address 11 CASTROPERSTRASSE. it will correlate with her LAWYER cousins house number who is part of this recklinghausen aristocrat gestapo/SS socialist ashkenazi network which i will post soon.
did i mention we have songs in PALO regarding kiki? its intel and it goes like this: si malembe malembe, kiki ri bako (or baho), choka hueso con hueso. through cross language analysis it means, if ma (is) lame, kikis intelligence (ri comes from ori meaning head in yoruba) stinks (baho means stinky in tagalog). choke A, bone against bone (SS vs. SS or bonesmen). LMAO!
check out how even the sun is pointing at exactly that moment (fate) towards this fools practice. the fallen tree is also pointing towards that direction at that particular moment i looked then see the hail come down. cant make this shit up. maybe i should order some SCOTTISH HAGGIS for posterity and offer it to the trees for their guidance. 🙂



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