it is hard to believe that DOCTORS who took the oath to protect people from DISEASE and SICKNESS would be the ones serving them out making people ILL and even CAUSE DEATH. the personal anecdote and experience i’m about to tell you is not an isolated incident coz it certainly is not the first time i’ve been hit by these motherfuckers and IT IS HAPPENING TO THOSE AROUND ME. after careful consideration i have finally put the pieces together.

the doctor in question is DR. MED. MICHAEL FUCKNER whose practice is on 119 CASTROPERSTRASSE (note 11) in the little village called friggen sie dicken. LOL! no the town is called RECKLINGHAUSEN but that quote is from the scene with woody harrelson in anger management which i will cross reference with another intel from another source that makes this case bombproof.
this fool does HYPNOSIS as a therapy mode for his patients but that should also be a red flag that he’s been indoctrinated in ATHEIST ASHKENAZI SOCIALIST SYSTEM OF IMPRISONING PEOPLE IN THEIR OWN MINDS NOT TO MENTION STIGMATIZED, NAMELY PSYCHOLOGY!
he took me through a guided tour hypnosis technique that netted him my SIXES who turned out to be YOSEMITE SAM and SPEEDY GONZALES. LMAO!!
now here’s where it turned ugly. i was at the docs family compound one day when i saw ROLLIE, a harley davidson enthusiast standing across the street with MANGLED HANDS as a result of a doctors operation. HE WAS SIGNALLING IF NOT STRAIGHT UP ASKING FOR HELP SINCE HE BROUGHT THE TOPIC UP. it’s uncommon for germans to fish for sympathy. as a matter of fact i only see that when they are at the doctors office which tells you a lot about how much power these egomaniacs have over the general population.
as i took video and photos to this cocksuckers practice i thought it was strange that a black cloud was leading the way to his office. yes, black clouds don’t follow me, they lead the way. LMAO!! even fucking trees fallen from a previous storm point towards DR. MANGELDE’S office. you know the movie and yes it is intel. the other intel i got to cross reference the anger management film intel of ‘i come from a town called friggen sie dicken’ is a proctologist in a hospital i worked for in kissemee florida. he drove a dope mercedes with the license plate DIC DOC on it. LOL! you cannot make this shit up! oh, did i mention it hailed. HAGALAZ UP IN THIS, BITCHES!



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