with regard to the murder of my father here is some signalling from the local aristocratic culprit which i will go into in the following posts. 


the local aristocratic culprit is DOMENIC SPRENGER whom i have already mentioned in a previous post. and yes trust me those firecrackers were meant for him. this fool has a net over recklinghausen you can’t imagine such as the local wannabe poor trustfund rich punkers at the AKZ or alternativeskulturzentrum who is part of the ANTIFA socialist ashkenazi queens apologists that they really are and just don’t know it. 
i was teaching english at DOMENIC SPRENGERS corporate law firm his secretaries. his secretary gave me a stack of their correspondence letters in english. since i got mobbed out of my job and moved out of my apartment into a new one i suspected that my apartment was getting broken into. at the same time nothing significant was missing. domenic being an ATTORNEY FOR CORPORATIONS, i brought it up in conversation. he simply said, NOTHING WAS TAKEN SO IT’S OK. I HAVE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT THIS CORPORATE SHILL SENT SOMEONE TO BREAK IN TO SEARCH FOR DOCUMENTS THAT WOULD SIGNAL FOR THE NEXT MOVE WITHOUT LEAVING AN ELECTRONIC NOR HARD COPY TRAIL. 
the document in question is from ANDREA THIELEMAN (steal E man, you can’t make this shit up!) and it had a DOODLE on it of a pyramid pointing to the word above it, OFFERING; specifically at the letter E. when you break it down, it says OFF E RING. or kill E ring. see photo.



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