QUANTUTU AND CHIPITITION, LOL! lemuria and their planned atlantis.
yes, this is neither geography nor is it pure topgraphy. it is the german university system of divide conquer knowledge and charge the fuck out of you. to know everything, they would have you going to school all your goddamned life until you are pennyless and insane from the convoluted bullshit they used to fill in just to stretch you out for your money. REVELATION: THE REAL JEWS ARE GERMAN ARISTOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION WHO TAUGHT THEIR PEOPLE TO SCRIMP AND SAVE SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO SHARE THEIR AMASSED WEALTH. NOT MUCH DIFFERENT FROM THE QUEEN WHO GIVES HERSELF A RAISE WHILE HER PEOPLE STAND IN FOOD BANK LINES. OR THE CATHOLIC/PROTESTANT/ISLAMIC ADMINISTRATION FOR THAT MATTER.
NOW BACK ON TOPIC. LMAO!! just look at the picture of our beloved republic and see why SPAIN, the CHURCH, and ISLAM had such interest in colonizing it. what is interesting is the crossed repetition of EARTHS patterns. THE PHILIPPINES IS THE SMALLER VERSION OF EUROPE VERTICALLY AND HORIZONTALLY. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR FOLLOW UPS.



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