DEMOCRACY IS DEAD, but who wants it anyway?

img_2115DEMOCRACY IS DEAD: im not going to be insulted by this apparent mockery of our democratic political system when IT IS A SCAM and IT IS RIGGED to the hilt. besides democracy always leaves 13 out. (49%) LOL! IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT DEMOCRACY AND COMMUNISM IS LIKE 2 GIRLS AND A CUP, THEY BOTH TASTE LIKE SHIT!
on JIMMY KIMMEL, TRUMP announces his campaign as an april fools joke and that we should vote for HILLARY CLINTON. don’t forget BENGHAZI where the U.S. administration left U.S. ambassador to libya, CHRISTIAN STEVENSON to die in the hands of terrorist mobs set up by CIA. still we have no follow ups on where the guns went AND WHERE THE GOLD WENT. probably in switzerland thanks to NATO.



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