AFRICA SHOWING SYMPTOMS OF INSTITUTIONAIZED JUDEO CHRISTIAN ISLAMIC SHAME: i hate seeing this kind of shit and not only is religion responsible but rather those pesky time travellers who invented relgion, namely german administration gothicus romsanus. LOL!
i just saw a documentary on AFRO TRAP and while it’s good to see a persecuted people come up i can’t help but notice their constantly putting down their own culture. first thing coming out of one of the rappers mouth is why they don’t rap in their own language. he says that no one understands it, that’s why they rap in french. DO YOU SPEAK FRENCH? I SURE THE FUCK DON’T. are blacks that unconcerned of global events? damn dude, fuckin think! it’s not the first time i heard an african say french is his mother tongue. HEY I GOT SOME NIKES TO TRADE FOR YOUR CULTURE! HOW ABOUT A PLASMA TV. OR EDUCATION. I’LL THROW IN FAME IF I CAN MAKE MONEY OF YOUR CULTURE. WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU SHORT SIGHTED FUCKS! YOU’VE BEEN REPRESSED TOO GODDAMNED LONG!
check out this article heading from a nigerian website. nigga forgot that it wasnt that long ago that whitey was jerkin of to his naked mothers picture ON national geographic. LMAO!
ey yo nigel, didn’t you know that your european masters flipped the clothing script on you so they can be the progressive ones? JUST LIKE THE PIC SHOWS, NEGRO GOT CAUGHT UP IN WMD’S! WEAPONS OF MASS DISTORTION. HAHAHA!



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