yep it’s hard to believe but they got another white boy leading another social movement. chalk up another for the hundreds of non-white ignored unacknowledged talents around the world and crediting a fake no talent white boy fake jew.

this guy doesn’t go too far from the doctors rhetoric by saying indigo children is not like ADD or a mental ilness. he implies that there is a difference. try the argument that perhaps it is ADD or MENTAL ILLNESS DO NOT EXIST. it is a matter of perspective. while one is concentrated on the symptoms, the other is comparing it to the established norm of what it is to be functional. lol and anyone who is not in the norm is either dysfunctional or has a mental disease right? indeed they are symptoms, symptoms of a fucked up society that is being clearly mirrored by these individuals whichever form of ‘indigo’ they might have. another is autism. autists have mental skills more advanced than a ‘normal’ person. yet we still see this person as dysfunctional because he doesn’t posses social skills and cannot work a ‘normal’ job. NOT GOOD SLAVE MATERIAL. for socialists, even for those whom think they are not but think and act it, a person whom cannot be enslaved to the system in which they created and mindlessly support will be marginalized. that is why handicapped people are targetted by eugenecists and death panels. this happened in germany during the war. and it is still happening in that you are allowed to abort a handicapped child at 5 months into pregnancy as opposed to the 3 months ‘normal’ babies get. if you dont believe that they are not doing the horrendous shit they have been know to do you are sadly mistaken. your precious white modern society has only gotten more refined and more secretive in carrying out their shit agendas.
in a world where socialism is finally put to rest and people do not base their thoughts and actions on the collective or other standards and values outside of the individual, then we might actually see the advancement of humankind and civilization as we know it through the acceptance and respect of one anothers abilities and equal but unique differences.



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