imagepaying 6 euros for a large bucket, yet still small in comparison, of ice cream at a gas station is utterly ridiculous. respect that you guys started out as a family business but for you to still ask 2, 3, 4 x more than the average price of ice cream is straight out corporate greed. what are we paying for? exclusivity?! same capitalist burgoise shit aint it? yes your icecream taste good and you have cool funny names, but then charge 50 cents or a euro more than the competition and not double, triple or quadruple the price. and for you to be arrested in a democracy spring protest is a good fucking scam. no pics? really?! no one had their cellphones on or had a video camera? c’mon guys, democracy is a joke and it is rigged. besides it leaves 13 out. what kind of left over hippies are you? oh the hypocrit kind. typical bohemian grove ordo templi orientis o.t.o. shit. trustafarians. people with money that want power over the people through self righteous bullshit social justice rhetoric.



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