science told us we already got our own cult. lol! nah, it’s all o.t.o. ordo templi orientis witchcraft shit that used to be based on nature until administration decided to diversify and corner markets through hostile take overs. fuck! i’m probly gonna get killed for this shit but fuck it. i’m already dead. hahaha!

hey, you jacked some of that symbology from me! friggin TIME BANDITS. thats my shit. lmao! well im glad i made your admins a grip of money. how bout turning that around and donate those churches and chapels to the homeless and the poor? i go in to church here and you don’t see anyone on welfare or homeless in there. with everyone in their sunday best its kinda hard to tell. so if you dont wear that stuff i guess your assed out. cmon guys, what the fuck happened to you. im not talkin to some of you real hardcore cats out there. just got love for you. but what’s up with the trickle down? i know i sound like a fuckin broken record but yall gotta get out of see see talk intelling and do what you can that the church administrations offer reparations. and not just in a dumbuldorf socialist jew deal like schools and hospitals. it still pushes your agenda, the poor still can’t afford it and it has been long overdue.
anyhoo, enjoy the real DA VINCI CODE 😀



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