imageisn’t the condescending nature with a touch of bleeding heart of james corbett making him rise amongst his elite new york greenwich villlage jew community as a possible candidate for the demoncratic elections in 2019? it could be akin to putin in that james corbett is a shill youtube agent. part of the google imaginary world propaganda to trap extremists, deviants, and other people who fell out of the ‘normal’ train. LMAO!

i worked for a fake jew before. i got hired as an assistant and it turned out that they were looking for a maid. this is no joke. being of german descent who married a japanese american, these guys must’ve thought they were a match made in heaven. lol! this dudes father was a famous big band musician and he an academic. though they might act as if they come from humble beginnings, lots of hard work and sometimes acting being down and out. broke. perfect segway to the sad story nlp situational narative to fish for sympahy. thing about it is you can’t get that far in that society without vitamin B. thats a german term for connections. and that B stands for bitch. because regardless, the arrogance and condescending elitist attitudes were strong with this one. i ignored it. but yeah it got on my nuts. this dude used to kick it with the shah of iran. socialist royalty apologist paradox confirmed.



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