natures pointers, before, people told me i had a black cloud hangin over me until i realized they’re showing the way.
the sky also hints through the animals you encounter and witness in the air. are they soaring without moving their wings? there probably is high pressure, warm air, clear to partially cloudy skies. its a good sign. if you see birds soaring with wind and it is overcast with or without sight of a raincloud, there is a good chance of a thunderstorm or even a hurricane or a larger system. this is especially true when you see seagulls inland. that means they’re getting pushed in.
i’m no meteorologist and i couldn’t tell you the diff between cumulus cirrus and cumulus nimbus, i’m into how my day is gonna go if i was outside my apartment. the pic shows how to spot rain if it happens to be sunny where you are at. thats where you don’t want to be. lol! its the part thats washed out in grey. if it looks like it’s touching the ground, it probably is.



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