see black intel and try to see an alternative perspective. a way out of the labrynth of lies they have built. calling it metaphysics and marrying it to science is the ashkenazi freemason german elitist fake jew’s last stand for the preservation of their aged philosophy.
— duality is a false paradigm.

— the author tries to make a hidden or latent association between binary code and the hexagrams of the iching or yinyang symbol. manifest, you are led to believe the direct comparison is the iching and genetic code. this is the scientific leap of faith. lol. whats the diff between that and religion. none. both are being managed.

— binary code 1 and 0 means existent or non existent. it doesn’t mean good or bad. ugly or beautiful. in this system there is no such thing.

— duality allows for division by first saying or implying that something is better than the other without weighing other traits and characteristics.

— duality was brought to us by religion in which is further supported science since it is the same continuum. hence, good vs. bad and healthy vs. sick.

— balance is a key principle in chinese philosophy including medicine.

— balance is a virtue in freemasonry. masonic culture and societies, basically everything from our social mores to the law, is riddled with inhibitors. at the same time they promote tolerance and free human development?

— this book promotes marriage by crediting fuhsi and nukua with the invention of marriage.

— marriages only contribution to free and INDIVIDUAL human development is making babies; and a failure at that with germanys 1.2 baby rate. lmao! (topdown population control dissemination of information — you dont want to manage a huge population, then get rid of borders and political boundaries).

— chinese history, just like every history of every republic is fake and falsified. straight the fuck up a fraud to support and promote their ideologies, pyramidical social structure and governing philosophies i.e. controlling the masses. why fake? several reasons but it is mainly to control the narrative that allows them control of accreditation for the maximization of their profits and not even their brothers as promised by anonymous socialist organization such as freemasons. it’s all lies to benefit their institutions and their pockets. connections you say? well that makes it a corrupt system doesn’t it? so shut the fuck up about telling people what is good and bad. i don’t want to hear it.

— regarding fushi and nukua, how the fuck does the first dynasty of china get an emperor? what did the people say bout that when you time traveller fucktards just gave this couple a blank check to rule everyone? you know goddamned well thats not how it went down. it’s just as fake as the other king and queens you set up around the world and written histories including religions you have faked or influenced, to ease your control and allow for division and market(s) domination.

— your masonic symbol on a stelle in china shown by the stone rubbing of fushi and nukua holding them is just as fake as the pyramids you built.

— china, slowly getting out of dynastic rule and communism, had been heavily influenced by karl marx, a german elite a.k.a. fake socialist jew royalty apologist.

— this book is written by a german elite fake jew, martin schoenberger.

— this book heavily supports and defends psychology, another german elite fake jew invention.

— lama anagarika govinda is of german descent.

— tibet is under chinese occupation which put the dalai lama who is not white in exile. sounds like a business deal in massive proportions gettin busted setting up and furthering a corrupt elite system that enslaves chinese people (who has been duped and who is next) to maximize their profits. and this books allows them a corner of the scientific and medical industries through ideological lies and manipulation.
i was first supportive and believed in this book as an academic and spiritual person. it wasn’t until i discovered their collusion and that they were one and the same sharing the same roots and having the same masters and benefactors. after realizing who i was serving my ass woke up and realized that we as people will never be free until we quit serving someone elses agendas and ideologies. we won’t be free until we free ourselves from intel brought by timetravellers just to keep people occupied and dumbed down. believe me there is enough counter intel out there. namely black even when they are repressed and have complexes built from that. it is understandable.
but you have to learn to separate that from controlled opposition. what is controlled opposition to religion? today it is science when you follow the narrative. but before they were one and the same. just like aristocrats and priests were the only ones who can read. it is one and the same. high society, witchcraft sorcery dumboldorf religion shit. i dont care which one even though they say it is evil or attach some kind of better than thou shit on it. they came up with it and use it to their advantage when it benefits them. but yeah, SOCIALIST ROYALTY APOLOGIST german elitist jews philosophies spread worldwide CONFIRMED.



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