what does a gay snake say? thhhh
how does a gay snake say satan? thetan
— THETAN is a word commonly associated with XENU in the scientology spiritual world view. it is the entities resposible for depression in human beings.

— thetan is made up of two words. THEOS or God and SATAN.

— God is Gemeinde or Gemeinschaft in german. it means a group of people.

— if man has been asigned the number 6 because he was created in 6 days and has 6 appendeges including head and penis, then 666 means a group of men.

— God = SATAN

— hollywood is made up of a network of homosexual jews and christians. lol.

— A MEN means ‘to men’ in spanish. or to be attracted to men.

— the church is plagued with homosexual vatican assassins. lmao!

— it’s another form of population control by tcutting off your line. especially when locked into a marriage contract.

— gays fighting for the right to marry is a step in the wrong direction. in this case this is about the freedom of choice. but don’t sacrifice your line. thats all.

— ty sci hahahaha! dont get mad and drive everyone loco with your psyops, k?



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