proof that RED and BLUE both belong to nobility. what is up with this article on the knighting ceremony? it states that RED IS THE COLOR OF NOBILITY. what happened to royal blue and blue bloods? thats why i don’t trip on the colors they ascribe. colors of the republic my ass. those colors are the same they ascribe to democrats and republicans. old money and links to nobility. shall i say more? it is their system. new money or political newcomers do not get a chance in hell without connections to old money men. thats why you see the new muslim mayor in london tuck his tail in humility for having been given the chance. democracy is a farce. there is a fitting agenda that allowed this guy to get the position. it is full spectrum dominance and they would not allow for this to happen unless there was reason for it such as decreasing dissent among the muslim population for their policies in the middle east the last decade and a half. as well they should not forget nor sleep on it. the policies carried out in the middle east is not about religion. it can be summed up to mass depopulation, oil and construction contracts not to mention weapons deals. fuck all fake royalty time traveller props puppet heads from the queen of england to the king of saudi arabia for requesting and aiding in middle eastern conflicts to reduce and control the population and religion as well as provide controlled opposition to their english counterpart, the church. yes royal family of england and the royal family of saudi arabia are bff. but at the same time they carry out harsh rhetoric against each other?! fake! these filthy rich slave drivers are all in bed with each other getting rich off of their populations and abusing them at the same time while sipping champagne at their marinas in their million dollar yachts.



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