people dont make germanys hollywood connection or media for that matter because they are the hidden fake jew masters and enjoy their power from behind the curtains. so you see lots of controlled opposition such as hollywood portraying germans as nazis etc. but it was during operation paperclip during ww2 that america became indoctrinated in germanys world domination scheme if it wasnt planned that way from the beginning. thats when you saw a mass dissemination of nazi intel, research and tech to other white dominated a.k.a. german descent occupied countries. thats why you see germany, russia as well as the united states possessing timetravel tech and through their media we get hints.
not only does germany provide time travel intel for hollywood and corporations (secret weapon for corporate espionage) but the psychology behind film making the tech behind it especially cameras and lenses all come from germany originally.
in BEASTMASTER the rings that i made were featured in the faces and characteristics of the bat looking hairless people with no mouths and noses that helped dar at the end. the eyeball on the ring in the film is also one of mine though not as intricate. even the weapon dar gave to the kid in the end was in the shape of a letter ‘J’.
the credits with its list of fake names and intel also gives a ton of hints. dars swordmaker for example with the initials VA does not exist in google. and in imdb, he is only credited for this one film.
the best is at the end of the credits. BEASTMASTER copyright belongs to EKTA FILMPRODUKTION GMBH, a german film company.
other hints to pyramids without capstones in the film. they show the actual pyramid akin to southamerican fake timetraveller built pyramids. so it is their shit still i dont give a flying fuck if it represents military or some other scheme, it is still a goddammed pyramid which is germanicus romsanuses invention to marry spirituality and military social might. but for what? certainly not for maintaining their status quos and protecting their wealth. fuck no! and that is what this fight is about. reparations. see the post i made recently on discovering a container full of huge concret blocks studded with trapezoidal pyramids in the forest.
note that the H on the pyramid does not exist on the real ones. it is hollywoods attempt to make you settle for the lesser pyramid. H represents 2 parallel vertical lines cut or bridged by a horizontal and not a fuckin trapezoid. even the letter H still symbolizes theos socialistic tendencies regardless if its islam, represented by two towers, or christianity, sybolized by the pyramid, connecting 2 independent I’s with a horizontal line or a minus sign.



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