psychology is the prison industrial complex for the new world order for societal undesirables. one psychopharma shot per month costs the state 700€. this is where politicians apportion a certain amount of tax payers money to the psych industry at the same time the psych industry taps into money from the people. i wouldnt be surprised if the politicians responsible for setting this system of tax abuse is either a board fucking member of a pharma corporations or graduated with a doctorate in the goddamned field. the latter is not the businessman politician commonly found in fascist countries where government is in bed with corporations, rather it is the academic politician who is ideologically loyal NOT TO HIS FIELD OF STUDY BUT THE INDUSTRY AND THE CORPORATIONS WHOM KEEP IT ALIVE BY WHATEVER NECESSARY.
now being in a quantum world with human understanding and morality plays catch up, the penal system and prison industrial complex needs to be eradicated much like societys false morality instilled by those who instated this greed ridden crime against humanity prison industrial complex. know that torture, human testing and experimentation, dungeons surrounded by metal bars and huge concrete walls is the work of the church and military. oh dont think that we forgot about government testing on soldiers and dont think we forgot that the military tradition also came from the goddamned church. old industries such as guns, weapons and drugs and pharma were started and ran by the church hence the maltese and iron crosses as their symbols. also see connections of the church and how they have been overrun by social workers and psychologists. its not that they have been overrun but they are their dysfunctional brainwashed specialists. they are them.



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