Gods lame attempt at influencing destiny

well certainly the people who cannot accept being left out of the fate equation and always gotta have their dirty fingers in other peoples lives thus influencing their destiny. but does it affect fate? for those who believe that death is the end station then that would fall into the gray area of should you or should you not try to influence individual independent development. fate in my opinion goes past death of the current organic vessel we call our bodies when it goes without mans influence.
when you commit to not following anyone, you guard the integrity of your own personal spiritual worldview. this is not static and will change depending upon the experiences destiny throws at us even without the influence of man. if your treat fate as an entity independent of man and consider it having a consciousness of its own then fate will side with you which will become more evident through the years through objective empirical self monitoring, observation and reflection with a twist of scepticism.
so here we can see destiny is changeable while fate is not. that means destiny is influentiable. it is common sense to accept both and to witness it is easy. no rocket science necessary. but why would wikipedia define fate and destiny to be one and the same? why just refer to it as wyrd, the norse etymological root of the word weird that is more akin to destiny? why would a site that separates fate and destiny, attributes it to two entities, that of wyrd and orglog, fate being the latter, define orglog as influentiable by man? or at least implies and leads to that conclusion? could it be that God or this satanic group of know it alls still want to confound the true answer to the question of the purpose of our existence?
i heard enough germans trying to convince me that man is god then went to god is man and nature. still grasping at straws it is obvious the idiocy of atheism. scary is how transparent their complex that turns them into control freaks. message: agression and many ills of german society including their descendents in the diaspora come from this. a culture of smart asses and know it alls is another shit side effect of this complex even when theres nothing under the hood. its kinda like being a bitch for no reason.
now im getting messages through my subscription feeds that God will not be going away. lmao! butthurt manipulating control freak ass otto is having a shit fit apparently. hahaha! we will try our damndest to free ourselves from you satan/God even if it takes having to kill you. you are destroying the planet and fucking people up and only for your own gains. you dont give a fuck about us and as a matter of fact you are trying to eradicate the most of us. so do us a favor and take a space shuttle to mars and get the fuck out of ours!
you are powerless without your slaves and society of ass faces. that is why you hinder progress and independent human development through your false morals ethics and double standards otherwise known as bullshit inhibition and hangups. FUCK YOU! including the dipwads that wrote the articles exibited here. a perfect example of how a traditional belief system gets infiltrated by jew. germans wanting to play God… a.k.a. the God complex.



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