just sketching between spells of doing nothing. i split an equilateral triangle 5 times on each side. found the center of each line. drew converging lines to it starting and ending at both sides of the triangle. you come up with a geometric representation similar to what is drawn on the pic. look in the middle and you will see a geometric representation of man. interesting that the only 60 degree triangle that remained intact without other lines going through it is in the mans chest. is this where stanlee got that riangle on supermans chest. cmon stan, you little time travelling jew, how much money did you make off me? lmao! i could use money for future projects. 10 percent would be fair wouldn’t it? superman, a mild mannered journalist by day and superhero in tights by night…. gay!
— the angles in an equilateral triangle is 3 x 60 degrees.

— bible scholars asign the number 6 to man.

— man was created on the 6th day.

— man has 6 appendages including his wang.

— the number 6 is asigned to shango or chango in the santeria pantheon, the only man in the pantheon to be deified. this implies the rest of the deities are the many manifestations of energy in the universe. the deification of shango comes to question since he is merely a conductor for fire energy. the source, on earth is a volcano (agayu); in the sky, lightning. they gave him the lightning. he would be thor in the norse pantheon and nsasi in the kongo pantheon.

— 6 looks like the letter G. in sympathetic magic or magic through similarities this is significant. when conditions are just right, the invisible microbes in the air are partly those responsible for carrying out 3D organic printing. lol!

— G is in the middle of the freemason symbols of the compass and the square.

— G is for german, gemeinschaft or gemeinde which means society or community in german.

— freemasonry started in europe, namely france, germany and england with the hospitallers.

— G is for God.

— 666 is ascribed to the beast in the bible.

— the beast is God.

— the sum of all digits in 666 is 18 or 9.

— the corresponding 9th letter in the english alphabet is ‘i’. it is ‘j’ in german and turkish.

— i have a huge gash on my head after ramming it to the rearview mirror when i flew down a 25 foot embankment and hit a telephone pole head on at the bottom without a seatbelt. the gash left a 2 inch long scar on top of my head looking like a big phat ‘I’.

— am i the beast? cuz i sure the hell am not God, even though j sounds like a g.

— have one group of fucktards been tryin to have me killed and people around me because of that? what a bunch of control freak loons!



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