here’s the code for 13 and 14 and you can see where all religions cults and sects line up harry potter style. lmao! see how they were all put on an integral +(x+1) system. now check out the chart with the *(x+1) and you can see exponential trends vs. geometric growth.
now check out the man in the equilateral triangle illustration and see the 60 degree angle relation to the triangle split to 5 layers, done three times given each angle the chance to be at the top. key numbers are 5,6 and 9. 5 for the layers. 6 for the 60 degree angles. and 9 for the sum of all digits when you add all angles minus the zeros; 6+6+6=18. 1+8=9. got it?
now go back to the integral multiplication chart and under x coordinate 5 you will find the result in which all its digits summed up equals 9 is y coordinate 6. so the sum of all digits 9 = coordinates 5,6. this is the only place it occurs in the entire chart.
so you see how administration at the highest level, the mercantile system, they are in an exponential timeline. this means the use of tech and corporate espionage through spying on the masses on real time through satellites, cell phones and other surveillance tech not to mention conventional market research tech and methods such as surveys and questionairres. corporations hacking one another is mainly for benchmarking. most espionage is done on the masses for following and capitalizing on trends.
here’s some added info.

— the number 5 is associated with ochun the goddess of sweet waters and rivers and her colors are black and gold. 5 represents the supplier or manufacturer and a lot of that. 5 also symbolizes wealth and prosperity. it also represents love, passion, and life.

— rothchilds coat of arms main colors are yellow and black. the blue and white background sections of the shield sport a human arm holding 5 arrows from the right representing military might and sanctioning capabilities while that of the left at the bottom quadrant symbolizes their ability to sanction economically and human resources, the use of people. infiltration of the mercantile system from what was a popular movement is evident here.

— 6 is chango in the santeria pantheon or thor in the norse germanic traditions. in cuban mythology, ochun and chango are lovers. in kongo he is nsasi or the lightning.

— 9 represents oya, the goddess of the wind in the yoruba pantheon and centella or mariwanga in kongo. she is changos wife and has a can of whoop ass under her skirt that allows her to defeat changos enemies.

— 5 and 9 both represent fluid dynamics in that one is the air while the other water. they are also represent molecules at different stages, one in its liquid state while the other, gas. they are one and the same in my view.

— the 5th letter in the english alphabet is ‘E’, ‘N’ and ‘W’. in german and turkish it is ‘D’, ‘M’ and ‘U’. the dichotomy between white european countries reflect in house strife and conflict between houses.

— the 6th letter in the english alphabet is ‘F’, ‘O’, and ‘X’. in german and turkish they are, ‘E’, ‘N’, and ‘Ü’ or U umlaut.

— the 9th letter in the english is ‘I’ and ‘R’. in german and turkish, the 9th letter is ‘H’, ‘P’, and ‘X’.

— the inhouse fighting results in the principle of X or crossing commonly reappearing especially in themes related to social order instead of running parallel. running parallel means independence from one another and mutual respect. what do you expect from socialist german elite jews trying to control the masses.

— copyright and trademarks are institutions in commerce. the symbol for copyright is ‘R’ which is the 9th letter in the english alphabet. trademarks symbol is ‘TM’ which corresponds to 24 numerically, or 6. 96 is our shit. many of copyrighted material and those with trade marks are a result from corporate espionage i.e. hulahoops, happy lens etc. see previous posts for proof of timetravel and corporate espionage intel.

— fuck one world morality! fuck one world government! fuck your single unit currency bound in political borders! fuck your political borders! fuck your new world order! while they put us on a linear time scale, and allow us incremental freedoms and development they are going exponential to maximize their profits.



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