domenic sprenger is not only a pussy killer leaving orders for murder in hopes someone would get the the message so he don’t leave nasty lawyer tracks, but he is also a lawyer for corporations and intelectual property. a gema dog, he also a lawyer for the music industry being a personal lawyer for access electronics who make virus syntesizers. virus synthesizers are made headquartered in recklinghausen. the owner told me once madonna uses his synths. on top of that he belongs to a secret society, an offshoot from freemasonry, called the rotary club. this is a network of business owners from lawyers to doctors and clothing shops. in actuality a danger to people since it is the business owners that vet and observe as well as carryout agendas for the group.
dominic has also been connected to jon stewart in new york who admitted in setting up the SS. admittance to police usery is probably the stupidest thing you ever did domenic. this cocky motherfucker has also been featured by masons in berlin. the berlin cathedral or the berlin dom is located where domenics sprengers house would be if you superimpose the berlin map over recklinghausen. this guy lives on 11 am lothor. you know, kinda like lex luthor. or how about the lord of the rings as in lotr. even my porn is giving me intel on this guys pedo rings that he’s protecting. hahaha! how about that, even snitches get snitched and end up in the ditch! dom dom and pedo mom. lol!



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