fimagerom german descent khazakis, but astana is satan jumbled up dude. society. the only one that can reduce humanity to its primitive most level. khazakstan was formerly u.s.s.r.. soviet socialist republic. has there been any real change? persecution of people still happen on a daily basis. this phenomenon occurs as a result of societal cognitive dissonance. the false morality which have been fed to the masses and those of the two parties involved. the type of people involved in the parties are seen as a threat to social order. and thus it goes on and the cycle of abuse of society to its co members which we all share i dont give a fuck what you say. one goes to jail while the other goes to the psychward and fed a bunch of medication and bullshit. regardless, threat has been neutralized. no progress made to society is to maintain status quo. so fuck your inhibitory programs! fuck your fake morality! fuck your filters and your tests! fuck your lies! let this be a lesson as to how not to be to your fellow human beings. fuck it and its all good.



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