look at the diamond backstage drop behind willie nelson and dolly parton and tell me that upside down pyramid doesn’t look like what on the chest of the man in the equilateral triangle i sketched a couple days ago.
check out stevie wonders set when he did a show with other entertainers to honor nelson mandelas birthday. check out nelson mandelas face and tell me if that face comes from the zulu kingdom or zulu nation. lol! fake british set up timetraveller prop kingdom dont even know if its a kingdom or nation state. now look close at mandelas face again and tell me that is not the face of a bushman. see the original economic and social structure of bushmen and you will see how it was before time travellers set up prop kings and queens around the fuckig world. mandela wearing the same maltese cross as baron rothschild tells me these so called socialist revolutionary fake media heroes and industry bankers are in bed with one another. illuminati shit. the kinder side of me wants to acknowledge the part of mandela not wanting to be in prison the rest of his life and they put a gun to his head. nothin has changed. the police chief of south africa is black so the fuck what?! when their publication demonize muslims and other religions and beliefs as well as unleash major false propaganda against marijuana, i can see that you are pushing a white christian agenda still! considering the financial and economical infrastructure of south africa the money still all feeds to your elite white masters. so tell me what the fuck have you gained as a people in your own goddamned country and land! stevie wonder and co probably had no idea for who or what they were doing this for. look at that red left hand. that is jacked! lmao! im takin my shit back!
happy 16th bday luz!



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