imageprince and michael jackson killed by who?! dick gregory jumpin all over the place off base and shit. but michael jackson bought the beatles for 12 million and ‘they’ sold it for 2 billion. how does that work? the jackson family had to have sold it back somehow. but yeah im all for artist ownership and credit. but at this level they all collecting and when the church and state are not having exclusive rights to ownership of national treasures it will be between individuals and private business’ or corporations. its not news that mcdonalds have a couple of picassos in the vault.
as to what ice cube talkin bout bein a capitalist, most people are both, unless youre a complete psychopath. lmao! thing bout it is, to have he power to generat money and generate popular support is absolute power. it would be good when no one had power over any of them. but the capitalist has power over money while the socialist have the potential to have power over people. together would be absolute power. get me? so at some point, when a person makes the money, he would have to go out of the social movement business and start supporting projects. this should be a part of any modern day real checks and balances of power.



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