brothas are trippin right now from the last post regarding nelson mandela and the fake propped zulu kingdom. zulu nation the band is hot right now. surrounded in scandals far from the scope of this commentary.

being initiated in the kongo tradition i am of course loyal to my house. but to be fair i would like to extend the fake history given to our forefathers including the kongo people and the zulu, both of which are bantu.
firstly our true ancestor are the san people. before nations were built and political boundaries carved into the earth by jew influenced republic loving statists, it was anthropologists and theologists who separated the first peoples of the earth namely through language. but this is also false and inaccurate since commonalities between groups in phoenetic language and some in writing have been shown and proven. time traveller influence along with centuries of trade and commerce contributed to the development of culture as we know it today. to see this one has to accept the anomalies and things we might not want to hear.
it is in my opinion that european nations and colonists made the zulu and kongo a kingdom for taking a large part in the slave trade. this is why you see many kongo bantu descendants in the americas. but in the united states slave owners and traders were of british descent. indeed they got some slaves from neigboring cuba and haiti but a majority were from british traders. why this? the zulu empire shared the same borders with the kongo empire and at one point the zulu empire was part of the kikongo empire. on the attached article on anglo-zulu war we can see that a gang of european countries were involved in the slave trade and when the kongo empire is involved you are talking about an empire that stretched all the way from cameroon, kenya all the way down to south africa.
thus the stories clash against the timeline. this leads me to not put any weight behind the lies that they taught us and the false pride they carry.mthe fierceness of these people and their ingenuity, arts, music and lifestyle is for many to learn from and is undeniable. but administration has mixed mixed so much bullshit in the history books not to mention religious influences of christian missionaries who in my opinion is destroying the culture. remnants of islamic traditions is still evident but the bantu is predominantly being raped by christian missionaries still to this day. take a look at the article on the history of the kikongo empire from a blogger saying the kikongo empire was founded by adam the first man. i mean, cmon, quit the bullshit already. these kooks writing this shit dont realize the responsibility they have for shaping a society much less an individuals mind.
how bout the google books article saying that the anglo-zulu war pulled the zulu away from a monarchical system and more towards a south african state system. then peep out the article on wikipedia how shaka zulu made even the witchdoctors subservient to the state. lol! if that is not christian african propaganda i dont know what the fuck is. know that to this day, witchhunts for witchdoctors called ngangas are happening thanks to propaganda from the south african pokice department and bullshit christian preachers in africa in general. persecuting children showing hyperactive symptoms and bushdoctors not to mention putting homosexuals in the fire is really fucked up and retarded. are you so fucking brainwashed that you cant see your people from those whom you serve anymore? fucking snap out of it. but more than likely you enjoy the money and power you get from swindling your congregations. so make up your mind. are you a state or a monarchy?both are crap systems. both were set up along with the fake history of a glorious past that never existed. it was created to give validity to white rule and culture as if it was like your own but it never was. i believe sincerely that this was done to alleviate and prevent spread of helplessness syndrome of an abused peoples. urban living or city living has changed many and dont even know where they come from anymore and grasp at false narrative only to fill in the blanks. is there such a thing as being too caught up in the present? yes especially when you realize the past they fed you had been a lie. you find out your people had been used. youre broke. your mom and pops are broke. and next thing you know you are hustlin in survival mode. that is what many conquered peoples around the world go through. thanks to white administration usery. thus the disparity between rich and poor extends further as their promise remains undelivered. even their education system doesn’t guarantee a job these days. but fate has its ways of saying, the education system is indoctrinating children and training people to represent and work their system. hence we fight for reparations. and do not ever quit until you get back what was taken from you from these greedy bastards.
i just threw in the screenshot of the google search results for kikongo empire. NS european union turned up. hahahaha! the capital is san salvador or SS for short. lol! mbanza is kongo for san salvador. BANSA is country in pilipino. wtf?! it’s all time traveller chronicles and intel. multi level. different houses. different interests represented. don’t forget where we all come from. the sans people. the kongo empire and zulu empires contribution to protecting the sans people noted to an extent but not at the price of one another and the cultures we have adopted.



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