apropo, homosexual black people, i think its time for you to come out and tell us how it is to live in a bigotted community. don’t spare us any details now. tell us why you chose to live the lifestyle. how it got there and who got you into it. don’t forget to mention current age and age of your first experience. can you also tell us the difference between jail imposed homosexuality that everyone who had to be behind bars or the service have had to go through and choice? how about choice, do you remember any influences you had from people around you including your teachers and the curriculum they taught along with the media that made you feel as if you had to be gay? completely?!
as to my fellow black people, why is it that media wants to put a dress on you? you ever thought of the hypocritical shit that comes out of your self righteous mouth? you got issues and hang ups and they want to help you break them. lmao! think about it man, damn. cant just do anything for money. do it for fun! hahahaha! homosexuality is so prevalent in your community anyone hangin out might slip on ya and try to get you to suck they dick. i had a old boss who tried to do that with me once and just coz the nigga looked like tupac i didnt wanna bust up that pretty face. hahaha! he coulda just asked instead of fuckin around the bush and shit. lmao! out of the closet already muthafuckas!
tele 5 i always liked you for playing off the wall movies.



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