guys im not a titty man. as a matter of fact they get in the way when following the treasure trail. lol yes they are nice to cuddle up to and stroke at your own amazement to hear them purr in delight, but that shouldnt be home base.
i know, to each his own, but don’t break a girls hearts because your expectations do not fill out in your hands. titties are overrated and is a fallacy. weve been led to believe that it is the symbol of a woman and sexuality much like the booty. but in reality it is the punani that is most important, biologically and reproductively. anythi else is just as a distraction if not straight out a sgn of aversion, protection and defense like hair or any bilogical protrusions. so in this sense, it literally does get in the way. no offense guys. im an assman myself.
how often have you heard people making fun of asians for not having tits. its unbelievable how far this social delusion has gone. i call it a delusion coz not only is the shit racist but completely off base. i tested the effect of percieving with a flat surface and a curved surface. its not only like how lenses in our eyes work but it is how our body ‘sees’ things. general overall sense of the visually confirmed object is the outcome. a feeling that gets attached to the thing you are looking at. i used 2 lenses from a disassembled dslr camera zoom lens. when observing the object behind the lens, a flat lens delivers a sharp, miniaturized but undistorted image that is right side up. a curved lens will diffuse the image frequencies to make it larger. this results in distortion and lack of sharpness that results from the diffusion. below a 7.5 degree angle the image is right side up. a steeper angle will result in an upside down image. there is a correlation between the height of the angle and the amount of distortion. sorry guys, it’s all good like we say. just don’t get twisted up in a societal delusion and sexual persecution. BOOBS ARE WEAPONS OF MASS DISTORTION. ladies, don’t get down on yourself for not packing much up there. there is no such thing as a mammarian handicap. if they make fun of you fuck em.
there are medical implications for this. much of our consciousness is affected by how our body sees thing coupled with hard data coming through the visual organs. when anorexics thell you they look fat when they dont, it could very well be that they see a larger image of themselve on their retinal visual field. i notice this looking at my face working out. some days i feel like my face looks fat or what do chicks call it? water weight? my take on it is the change in organic and cellular density is reflected by how objects are perceived. if the body and core is diffused and distorted then it would reflect in exagerrated perception much like how one would look through a magnifying glass. when molecules and cells pull together to densify, the body flattens and becomes compact while the eyeball take on its original spherical form to give the best lens acuity. this happens in fight or flight responses that ensure the organisms survival. sharpened perception and acute vision is required. so don’t treat an anorexic like a psycho ward patient. there is an organic entymology that can simply be remedied by activity and excercise.there could also be a neurochemical effect given by the lack of endorphins. working out will release endorphins that could calibrate perceptions. sex does e same thing. so does eating a half a kilo of sugar. lol @ anorexics. but this is the reason energy sources are craved by anorexics and bulemics. because it is lacking. at least the side effect of it which is endorphins that affect much of how we physically perceive the world.
its amazing how our mind plays tricks on us. so many other factors influence what we actually see which leads to the question of reality and the material world. once i got altitude sickness, and i actually saw the mountain in front of me upside down. this happened at about 12,000 feet. somehow there was a disconnect between the data that is coming through my eyeballs and how i was perceiving with my body. as the pressure rises, so does the pressure in your body. it swells slightly kinda like your feet after a day of hiking. lets not forget the occipital lobe where all visual info gets processed. as everything expands the lenses on my eyes distort, so do my eyeballs, optical nerves and blood vessels. the brain swells as well and the body. now i know how a woman feels when shes pregnant. hahaha. i don’t know whether to thank the mountain or put it on the lady that came with me to hike. lmao! like i said keep an eye out for weapons of mass distortion or you might just fall in a mass hysteria.



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