if you let this happen then all you will really see are rich white christians in churches. christianity is for the poor. yes they are the middle child of time traveller desert religion, but nonetheless these are the people who chose to fight on this side upon revelation of future eventts. these future events are today. they call it prophecy but it is our reality. when you look at it that way you cannot let this happen to these people. with saudi royalty in collusion with british royalty you can see the disastrous effects of religious darwinism in this region. compound that with the death panels population control agenda and you got a cocktail for a contrived disaster. these are the original christians whos traditional language is amharic. the real amharic and not the alphabet soup code language fed to us by christian administration a.k.a. bible authors.
the pope and the head of the orthodox church decried the massacre of christians in syria and it is great they do so but don’t listen to these clowns. why? because it is their cultures that will benefit with the extinction of the original christian culture. get it? also, their right factions are the military whose in part responsible for the proliferation of weapons in the middle east especially when you got saudi arabia buying explosives from germany. lmao! the militarys iron cross is still a cross. so if they wanted to they could stop these wars. who suffers are the people, history, cultures… left for dead, unaccounted for, no proof, substituted and replaced with a counterfeit. cmon guys. quit the bullshit already. fuck your religio- politico- sociocultural darwinism!



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