in this scene when the puma that sends peter to the hospital comes to visit him and says ‘i get it now, WHO is the mans name.’
in scientology xenu is evil god who sends his thetans to fuck with people. its intel. XENU or SINO is WHO in pilipino. these guys use different languages to get their intel out the cowards that they are. lol! come out with it already!
WHO is the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION a.k.a. the death panel. dumboldorfs finest S.S. these guys come from sorcerers, witches and shamans traditions. it is said that greedy shamans are ones who create dis-ease and ilness so that the victims come to seek them for treatment and therapy. these are not charlatans coz they know their shit. they run agendas parallel. when looking at it that broad such that of an international institution people become expendable. when functioning within political borders, run by nationalistic statist politicians whom depend on taxation of those within their political borders then you see population growth as a problem. it becomes more difficult to manage and a socialist fake jew elite german government becomes more obsolete. a republic which is only 150 years old is not your identity. that being said, a depopulation agenda is always a refreshing idea that takes on many forms. outsside of your run of the mill SS why not think big and kill thousands in one event. epidemics and random outcropping of disease is one of the hidden manifestations of biological warfare. warfare with who when an international team of scientists are conspiring against the population. just the fact that they dont know the victims affords them anonymous guiltless mass murder. see aids and ebola conspiracy. then compare that to the constant barage of bird and swine flus. now in the entire equatorial belt, a.k.a. is dengue. please help in exposing these bastards and waking people up to real life susceptability and targetting. it is thought of as normal and coincidental for a couple of your family members to die from ‘natural causes’ when you know damn well that it was the evil nurse. lol
protect yourself by going natural. eating healthy, better yet, targetted using tech to avoid having to go to the doctor. being healthy is your health insurance.
dont be afraid to use marijuana, cocaine and other illicit drugs such as opium for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. it is part of the old pharma industry. and what we go to jail, get shamed, and die for is actually medicine and our own product. the narcotics act of 1913 made it illegal to use marijuana and cocaine. heroin remained legal though because bayer presented a report that heroin is not addictive. heroin was also invented by bayer in 1896. heroin was not made illegal until 1927. even amongst the old industry between cocaine and heroin there is conflict resulting from competition. but it is our product yet it is made by your fellow statists illegal. you have to ask your politician whom they are serving when it comes to enforcing drug laws. even life saving medicine is sometimes locked out of a country due to big pharma overran industry. so you are limited to pharmacies while no one trusts the local bushdoctor. lol. it is fucked up. it is only about money. even corrupt politicians are tired of their white mason brothers broken promises. hahaha! fuckin get your act together and stop selling your own people out to make more money for these motherfuckers!



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