nothing new but these fotos are more convincing than the previous. with new information revealed its only fair to reassess and perhaps reconstruct a new framework of thought that could provide a more cohesive explanation of these structures and what they were intended to do.
i’m tired of staring at the walls and being at awe of them so much to make me question my own relationship with nature. indeed it is our creation. but are we not harming ourselves alone by the signs and clues they leave behind whatever theory you adhere to.
in my opinion as of lately that these monolithic structures had been built by time travellers. it would make sense for it have several purposes.
— if the jamestown colony was a social experiment by masons then egypts pyramids could serve the same purpose. why couldnt it be in antartica?
— they were built and made into superstructures for protection and functionality in a time on the earth where everything was large. around the time where height of the plant and animal kingdom were at its peak. it would be a worthy view indeed to witness.
— they were made to be indicators. they were made into superstructures to withstand time and the possibility of being buried out of sight. it makes sense to have the pyramids where they are both representing the deserts which will be e future of the planet if we dont get our shit together. the pyramid in antartica is closest to egypts pyramid. focus on their correlation and what do they have in common? both are desserts, the difference being one is sand while the other is ice. when they meet, and they will the way things are going, en we are really fucked.
— the same goes for other monoliths. they are indicaors. alone their size shows that this was not by fate and chance but by a lesser intelligence but intelligence noneeless. a buried indicator is useless. and by the time they go detected it might be too late already which might be the case. that means since the time they have been built, there has only been a degradation not only of plant and animal life but geological shifts and changes have occured, the climate has drastically changed as a result of geological changes and not the plant/animal life or lack of it as in the case of the balance of carbon dioxide/oxygen emissions likened to what the public is led to believe.
see my posts on naturo prosciotto for more on my pessimistic view of material and spiritual presence on the planet and their effects. these photos look convincing. if this is a natural formation which is highly unlikely due to the combination of usually non nature existing angles, then they used this rock formation or hill in antartica as a model for duplication. it is common for dumboldorf o.t.o. elite german fake jew nazi scientists to build around nature. check out the land architecture around malteser hospitals and offices. it is also them who built and financed these social experiments and structures. from the jamestown colony to e spanish inquisition to the prison industrial complex, military industrial complex, and big pharma and the medical industry including that of old pharma industry which are now considered illicit drugs. this is all their shit. all in the name of science and the church that somehow bottom lines at fucking money the jews that they really are.
i have no problem with material wealth. as a matter of fact we all want prosperity the kind they enjoy. and now that they have built it up to such an extent to where the richer only get richer, then there should be enough to give everyone a capital to start off with and an equal chance at not only survival but to live in comfort without having to be dependent to and subjugate themselves to another individual or a greater body of people.



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