lol! having been around different grass roots movements for 30 years i have grown an aversion for group think and peer pressure. not to mention, theres always that slacker syndrome that occurs when following — but maybe its just that, because i find myself again following someone elses ideas, norms and beliefs hat probably wasn’t his to begin with. the last thing i read about protests and revolutions is that it was the bavarian illuminatis tool for undermining a community who doesnt adhere to their principles nor protect their interests and wealth. this became the bohemian movement of that influenced the young style or jugendstil architecture era of germany from 1880 to 1914. this elite german fake jew o.t.o. ordotempli orientis contrived movement became the beatnik culture that started in greenwich in the 50s which became the seeds for the hippie movement of the 60s. that side of it was for the lower castes to put them in a mind control to join the slave network called the workforce. these turned into the yuppie culture of the 80s started by deadheads driving bmws. lmao! those who remained true to the cause and perhaps suffered ‘slacker syndrome’ due to the realization that they are being led by the very people that they are fighting. the delusion, being jaded whatever adverse affects these movements have caused, in the eyes of the powers that be, at least they have been neutralized and made complacent. meanwhile back at the elite ranch we have the bohemian grove society which have enough clout to be able to invite leaders of states and their security detail and keep them in the loop that way. THE MOTTO OF THE ILLUMINATI BOHEMIAN MOVEMENT IN GERMANY IN THE 1800s IS EWIGE BLUMENKRAFT. NOT FAR FROM THE FLOWER POWER MOTTO OF THE 1960s. this is by no means a coincidence.
so i don’t know what kind of new CIA trap this is and there is a connection. alone for the fact that geman NAZI intel was brought over to the united states by CIA during the war during operation paperclip. this intel is not of benefit to you or me. this intel is a result of years of human experiments which the CIA continued. PSY OPS and MKULTRA result from this. TIMETRAVEL tech resulted also from this not to mention the intel it has netted.
i think it is of great value to give children the ability to gather their thoughts and express them in a meaningful manner with enough power and charm to capture their audience. but alone the thought of capturing an audience already wants to make me puke. not that it will ever keep me from speaking my mind. and maybe i have to talk to an anonymous non existent audience just to make me feel better. but i will never quit. and you should do the same. in your way. with your wants and needs. your interests. EXPRESS YOURSELF INDIVIDUALLY! GO INDEPENDENT!



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