it’s 2016 and in first world countries most women do get the same pay as men granted lesser pension due to childbirth and child rearing. at the same time the state struggles to guarantee daycare and paid leave. it is certainly warranting rexamination of pension plans for women. higher up the payscale though you will see the disparity amongst the pay between women and men. this will affect the pension obviously.
paradoxically, men are still expected to ‘build’ a house and to buy em dinner. lol! fucked up part is they savin up all their money while you go broke. lmao! then they leave you when you got no money or turn into mega control bitch that you wanna leave em. hahaha sounds like a coke dealers complex. 
but why is the divorce rate skyrocketing everywhere? seriously though, women have been given the ability to support themselves so they are not economically dependent anymore to men. divorce is a nasty ceremony that tears up families and children. the meanest shit you will ever see done between two people who use to love one another. why?! you invested that much of your life knowing each other why not make the best of it by being kind to one another regardless. property, investment, ownership, revenge, competency, and fairness i think are some of the things that go through peoples minds through a separation. i think the disappointment of broken promises and aborted future plans of building a family having children ends up retarding the emotional intelligence of all parties involved a couple of notches. the trigger that sparked the entertainment of thought of separation and divorce then becomes tiny and insignificant.
reality of our world is that unfortunately due to a lopsided wealth distribution resulting from wars and occupation have made third world countries the way they are. dependent for work and money. if a man is heavily dependent on the need for work and money in order to survive can you imagine how it is for women and children. indeed those whom made the system intended for us to go through their channels such as schools and universities but there are still no guarantees. aside from the fact that they are racist institutions, not in admittance but the heralding of their pioneers, inventors, and scholars. you dont see black people in those textbooks. but you are allowed to spend your money on them and get indoctrinated into their slave system. believe me it is not for the virtue of it anymore. there is no money in research and you are dependent from one proposal to the next. who pays the biggest bucks in research? the military. 
that being said, that is why 2/3 of the world is struggling alone still with the old world structure and the programming that comes along with it. men women and children in third world countries have been made extremely dependent. i use a superlative here due to the difference in pay which raises the frequency and intensity of work. everyone is made to work and be dependent on it. this powers their industries. but the intensity of work and frequency is totally different between developed countries and developing countries. what makes it different? the power and purchasing ability of the single unit currency asigned for that state. here it is clear that there is no conspiracy theory just facts of a world we live in that has already been controlled and dominated by the elites for too goddamned long. shitty thing about it is, we have been sold out by our own people and politicians alone by keeping the system up and feeding more people into it. when will you people ever take a stand against your masters to claim what is rightfully yours?!
so yes in third world countries, they absolutely need the help. not only to alleviate the symptoms but to help fight for reparations that would allow the healing not only of symptoms but the source. give the person a chance to make make more money and he will invest smartly. but before you can invest and snowball an incrementally growing sum you have to cover his basic needs. and yes habits are needs. provide capital. teach a person how to fish and not to be dependent on bread alone. 
back to family. i had a great uncle who had a kid outside the family. you would expect a complete breakdown and a chain of irrational behavior but to the least of anyones expectations, my great aunt, his wife, told him, ‘you better take care of that kid’. as if he wouldn’t. lol. he would love to included himself with all families involved. if it was only accepted in the society. the child grew up fine but not much involvement. too bad our hangups, though really well intended and well resolved as in this case, didnt allow for a complete harmonious assimilation of the two families which would provide an amazing environment for the child. just something to think about.



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