on n24 a german news outlet, german vice chancellor sigmar gabriel admitted that GERMANY INDUSTRIALIZED THE WORLD. this big. this is an admission to complicity to the contidition of the planet.
viagra goes from 80€ to 50€ while the generic goes from 60€ to 20€. there goes your weekend. lmao!
saudi arabia anounces that 9/11 was an inside job and distances itself away from the u.s. whoa?! these guys probly don’t wanna get eaten up by the greater population. but what they hay, we’ll take it.
its good to see the state somehow finding a way still to protect people from price hikes by providing legislative price ceilings. though lowering prices through reimport is lucrative for the state specially when it comes to surplus it would be good to see it in the books. put it in law. not only making adjustments as you see fit which can change at a moments notice.



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