in a televised press conference today, german vice chancellor sigmar gabriel said, ‘wir haben die welt industrializiert.’
this is important for activists, protestors, patriots, environmentalists and conspiracy theorists for the following reasons:
— this is an admission to complicity. though industry is divided into many branches and sectors private and state owned, germany was the spark, the progenitor that is bringing our planet into a downward spiral.

— this in ludes the proliferation of weapons responsible for killing millions of people in populations all throughout the world in all different times. because of their technology, they can hide behind time. but where steel and money is part of the equation, you can bet they got their hands in it at some point in time. during the search for weapons in iraq, they found 16 german companies that linked to saddam hussains earlier chemical weapons program. nuclear tech, though widely spread, was first developed by german scientists. time travel tech also allowed for prehistoric mining and deforestation. the sahara and gobi desserts resulted from this.
— this means that corporations can be traced to germany. switzerland headquarters the rothschilds, the crown corporation, united states incorporation, and the vatican corporation. the first ever documented corporation was the dutch corporation.
— to all conspiracy theorists and researchers and cyber activists, thanks to your research and pressure to make this all come out. your work is paying off.
this is far from what needs to emerge yet as you are probably aware of but this is certainly a start and you can say that it is on a good way and it has been acknowledged. keep up the fight!



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