see the flow of energy through geological analysis in another perspective. the repetition of patterns geologically is nothing new. but is there a source? im inclined to see the trend coming from geological activity above and below sea levels around the south western navel of the pacific rim of fire. lol! at least for this part of the world as it will continue westward. sourcewise, can more than likely be followed eastward and inward. im going to call this transgeological quantum holography. geological energy patterns flow similar to a fern. the bottom branch leafing out to australia which is the source image of northern africa. i superimposed australia over africa and the similarities are uncanny.
biologically and zoologically speaking, the animals in australia are just as unique as africas. the platypus might just get the award on quantum transspecie manifestations akin to what in mythology would be represented as winged beasts. 4 leggeds that lay eggs. lol. so there is definitely some weird shit going on in this area that is crossing over multidimensionally from geology to life forms. it would only be fair to consider the earth as a living entity with a consciousness greater than but including ours.
the philippines, in the north luzon, on the other hand is the source image of europe if you turn europe up vertically. mindanao in the south is the source image of europe as we conventionally know its position on the map. the same goes for sulawesi and timor islands.
picture the fern analogy, which in essence is the fibonacci circle, if the area southwest of the pacific ring of fire is the navel and source before the energy spirals inward deeper into the earth, that would make africa and europe the oldest of land formations. also with respect to the americas, thats another can of worms. note the repetition of the sheperds hook or scyth trench formations underwater. south america, can then be seen as the southeastern navel of the pacific ring of fire which is also not a stranger to volcanic and geological activity. the scyth trench formation leading to antartica which in many conspiracy theory circles is one entry way to the middle of the earth as hollow earth theorists believe. but volcanoes are all doors to the earths innards. this allows for multiple exit points if you apply the fibonacci principle.
the main theory out out there in the academic community with regards to the existence of blacks in southeast asia and australia is that they migrated from africa through land routes some 30,000 years ago. the oldest migration known to man and is the source for humanity as we know it. says mainstream a ademia.
then there is the theory that there are independent spontaneous croppings throughout the world. it might be a mixture of the two and the inevitable mixing of many source genes.
first we have to acknowledege the ability of man to build boats and migrate through those means beyond foot. migrations are mainly done by groups that have the capability to be self sustaining. also if you consider the time travellers intervention theory this could have been sped up by giving clues and hints to technology which may enable the group to survive and do so. this certainly sped up the bulding of civilizations and trade routes not necessarily part of the original migration routes but certainly influenced in its development or the preservation of it as in the case of indegenous tribal peoples.
im going to postulate a theory that would require the reversing of old migration theories to explain certain genetic traits found in africa. europeans anthropologically speaking, grouped by language, considers their source to be india as in indo-germanic. thats also part of the reason britain was there while germany was in nepal and tibet. sanskrit they claim is the source of their language and alphabet. sanskrit has also been found in the philippines and is considered the oldest philippine alphabet with many versions. these were written on bamboo which spanish conquistadors burned to erase the philipino peoples memory and history. logically, etching on bamboo preceded making paper and the invention of pigment to write or print on them. due to numerous variations as well shows the vast sources of script which would make sense as to any source before it gets amalgamated into one language as in the case of sanskrit. the renowned anthropologist william scott akins early filipino burial ceremonies to that of vikings. the genes found in europe can be seen in the faces of filipinos but also of africans and everything else in between within the realm of random spontaneous genetic expression.
the bushman or sans people which i said we all came from comes to question as their maybe an older model and that is of the aboriginal negrito stock. the facial structure is of an older stock not yet mixed with a more defined vertical x axis skull formation as exemplified by protruding eyebrows and jaw.
sans people also sport mongoloid eyes. in other words they are almond shaped or slanted and not round. this can only be explained by a genetic mix that occured somewhere in the northern part of the land route. sans people are desert/grasslands/forest dwellers. coastal ‘sans’ are a result of later migrations and genetic mixing. sans people and aboriginal negritos share similar artefacts from hunting weapons to games and sociopolitical structure. they also share the same spiritual beliefs. in fact the bantu spiritual world view is eerily similar to that of indegenous filipinos. words in the kongo language that is further encoded in their religions and secret societies are the same phonetically in the philippine language.
why were filipinos allocated to the melanesian language group and culture by theologians and anthropologists when there are clear language connections from africa to scandinavia. was it to separate the tribes as your institutions have done? coz it certainly doesnt help in understanding where we come from. this is where academia plays gatekeeper and gives us a bunch of bullshit as to how they separated to support their goddamned industries.
the philippines is a physical manifestation of europe. this shows up twice if you put europe both on an x axis and y axis and cross them. it is similar to the letter L or x,y axis crossing. time travel intel is evident in the maps of mu and lemuria. they all differ which shows independent development of its interpreters. some maybe intentional. this would collaborate with the erasing of our culre, history and indegenous identity including our own written language and allocating to and accrediting another group.
the philippines is a very spiritual and nature oriented peoples with their own mythologies and belief systems. today there is a wide array of medicinal and healing arts and practitioners in the philippines. all with their own source of power and lore. these powers can be celestial or of the earth, from man or from his environment.
ufo sightings in the philippines is also nothing new. the philippines is teeming with unidentified flying objects that possess technology beyond what has been outed officially and unofficially by the military. there is interest in the philippines and the filipino people from extraterrestrials and/or people from the future, not to mention the military.
the citizens of the philippines is deserving of freedom from your industries that lock them further into poverty. they are also in line for acknowledment and accreditation for their contributions. and if you made money from our products, ideas and invention, it would only be honorable to pay that back unconditionally.
bamboo culture can be found all the way to southern africa and madagascar all the way to northern australia. for example, more complex bamboo zithers exist in madagascar in comparison to those found in the mountains of the philippines. it is common among art historians and archaeologist and anthropologists alike to view less complex versions of artifacts to be the older version which helps them in dating and mapping the timeline to human development if they dont meddle into it. more complex versions of a pebble stone and wood vessel game in the philippines can also be found in africa. mankala is the african version of the sunka game commonly found in the philippines to this day stretching all the way from the mountains to the coast. the breadth of these developments can only be achieved through water routes. though it is briefly mentioned in anthro courses it is not explored at a depth that would give credibility and validity to the source.
it is in my opinion that india has been made the source link for europeans to establish the southern borders of the silk road. there are many routes by land mind you. at the same time still refusing to acknowledge seas and waterways though their own culture are known seafarers and traders. lmao! one word, ashkenazi jews controlling commerce and trade. lol!
chosen people my ass! where is our cut for having corrupted and counterfeited our culture and beliefs to the point where we are locked into your political boundaries, your industries and your corrupt ways and beliefs. oh to keep feeding a workforce, a.k.a. slaves and resources into your industries. it is important to note that by government law you don’t own the resources of that land or anything below 2 meters of ground depending on which country. this is a clear separation between the people and the state. and is clearly intended to feed into the industries they have created. the same people that built industries in the late 1800s also built the republics in which we are all citizens to. this responsibility or reparations i hand over to you the german administration. it is you whom have spread industrialization and your ideologies both false and true around the world. it is you whom put us all in modern day slavery locked into our political boundaries and your industries both as workers and consumers, without giving a goddamned cent back to the people you took ideas and resources from. through your technology you have made an industry even out of corporate espionage. your idea of giving back is to keep the money circulating in your respective developing countries. FUCK SOCIAL WELFARE AND NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS (NGO) that only circulate the money in the country they live in or headquartered at. THEY REALLY BELIEVE THEY ARE GIVING BACK THROUGH WELFARE AND CHARITY.



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