canning is probably the most commonly known product associated with preserving. this is probably one of the oldest crafts that has many practical purposes not only commercial. it can be life saving.
another product of the old world is alcohol which one would consequently encounter when dealing with plants, fruits and vegetables at all stages of existan e including decomposition. nature religions are experts at the science of rotting and it is the source of many of our common cures and also for the not so common ilnesses such as certain types of cancers or chronic bacterial infections. that being said, it is only fair to say that alcohol is also a product of plants and should be seen as medicine regardless in which form it is consumed. consumption is consumption. if you rub it on you, your skin will absorb it and alcohol will be in your bloodstream. yes you can get drunk by rubbing too much ethyl alchol on your body. dont kid yourselves. lol.
alcohol is also an antiseptic. it is used throughout the carribean and africa for its antiseptic properties especially. and yes it is only logical that a certain amount of alcohol in your body is healthy.
in the. case of plasticization in traditional rituals, alcohol plays the role of solvent. see process of plasticization from an external source. in carribean magic rituals fruits are offered to ritual vessels containing the essences of specific natural energies anthromorphized into entities. these entities are anthrophomorphized to ease concentration and build an image that would help in realizing the desired effect. alcohol is offered as well through oral administration. spitting. or pouring.
i proposed earlier that ectoplasm resulted from building the vessel due to the organic material as well as inorganic elements in the vessel.its hard plastic like consistency made me question the image of ectoplasm which we are accustomed to hearing about in seances and spiritist rituals popular at the turn of the century england. ectoplasm in this rubrik is understood as anything that results from a spiritual manifestation into the physical.
ectoplasm by definition is a gel like substance that is alive. this is purported to be composed of amoeba and protozoa. in another vessel i have also managed to produce ectoplasm from a mix of organic and non organic materials. this is significant in that, experiments were done to find out how life came about on earth and the universe. through water and electrical charge, scientists have been able to produce amoebas. details are unfortunately not a available for validification purposes. if amoebas have arisen from dead organic material as well as inorganic, life has been ‘created’. more on that on another post.
the importance of these processes to be validified by modern science cannot be emphasized in that it is clear that much of what we know as science today came from these traditional beliefs and practices. yet these people are getting hunted down in africa and other parts of the world. these people are their traditional doctors. why? they are competition in both the healing arts and spiritual matters. the church is heavily invested in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. and it is due to modernisation and ‘development’ in parallel with the ever growing christian presence in afric has led people away from their traditional medicines and have been made dependent to their beloved industry.
how much blood from witches during witchhunts led by the church was poured in order to make everyone dependent on he pharma industry? this is happening to this day in developing countries all throughout the world. africa is a great example in that i have proof of this persecution. and yes it is happening now africa wide.
bring money to local business and economy by recognizing and accrediting the efficacy of traditional healing arts. this would help many in the region whom fall out of the dumboldorf education track that doesnt have any guarantees. people do not trust traditional doctors anymore so they dont go to them. and when they go they dont wanna pay. thats how fucked up you made us. these people who are poor to begin with spends all their savings on medication and doctor bills. the prices are also not cheaper in poorer countries. what you might consider a significant savings, from 20 to 50 percent, is still too expensive. in the ohilippines for example, the currency exchange rate from peso to euro is 50 for 1. it is unproportinally disgusting even at half price.
fight for unconditional reparations for developing countries and their citizens for having fallen victim to world religion industries. that means money motherfuckers and not welfare or grants that locks up the money in your respective countries. you fucked freemason bitches demand loyalty from your brothers yet you cheat them out of a promise. you somehow convince our leaders to sell their own people out in luding land and resources. you people think an oligarch will bring prosperity to a hurting economy? no you will see a boss who will cut government jobs to streamline. you will also see a country deeper in debt through outsourcing and moving industries out of the country to avoid taxes and bringing in foreign investors. good fuckin luck with that.



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