— a corporation is a group of people who can afford to buy shares of the company that binds them all together. in this sense, it is SOCIALISTIC in principle in that every one suffers and benefits ishown in the fluctuation of shares in the market. disproportional is the amount you can own. those with a significant amount of shares sitting in the board of directors of a company has influence over the companies decisions. 
— politicians with stocks in the company will of course lean towards awarding contracts to companies by the state without the bidding process. this bidding process allows for several companies to present a proposal thus allowing equal oppurtunity for all companies willing to offer the service. this is called a no bid contract. it is fascist in nature, ie. haliburton. hillary clintons shares and board membership to walmart should raise signals. standing by her man regardless of scandals, but walmarts corporate principle of stamping out local and family owned businesses will destroy much of everyones chance to be self employed thus self sustaining. 



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