before i fuck a dog i would fuck kids. why go extraspecie when you dont even know your own goddamned species?! germany has now banned fucking dogs as of may 2016. now this is the second time this announcement has been made so im not sure if its even true. regardless, if it is intel and support then i appreciate it and big ups. its fucked up how that would get pushed while the whole goddammed jewish agenda of shying kids away from sex and hurting future generations gets furthered and made more sophisticated and subtle. 
age is of no relevance when everyone develops differently at different times. even parts of body develop at different times. sexual peaks between males and females are also different. hawaii, whose legal age of consent is 14, according to anthropologist margaret mead, it was the women who initiated kids into sex. so homeschool your kids before you start fucking dogs! and stop making the idea of sex taboo for kids for christs sake. you are killing your own species in a slow way! 
note that the legal age of consent for many countries differ? why? because they know its bullshit so they are just intelling with the numbers. if it doesnt make sense its intel right? or else they would have set an international standard along time ago just like everything else has been universalized outside of proprietal shit. alone in the u.s. it already differs from hawaii to the mainland.
why the late age of consent? one is to shorten your fuck time and enjoyment to gear you for work. a good healthy sex life will keep you from leaving home. and that is what they dont want is for you literally to choose sex over work. the other is they know the spiritual power that can be accumulated through sexual intercourse. it is a communion between people, and when your in the business of divide and conquer, it is bad for business. alas, the third and perhaps the most important as to why extend the legal age of consentual sex is to give their industries a chance to flourish starting with the toy industries, movies all the way down to academia and education whch trains you to be industry slaves.
so germany, you dont get to slip that easily out of your debt to the world especially the third world countries in which you have industrially exploited without proper compensation. again, they give us peanuts or the little finger so they can take the whole hand, lmao @ fake jews!



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