i was at a hospital once waiting for an examination. i had already seen the doctor who happened to be german. i thought it was a trip that the dude was sporting a chin strap beard a.k.a. taliban beard. i still needed to get my xrays read so they made me wait. an iranian doctor came. its not the only time that suggestions have been made that it is muslim doctors aSSasinating people because it is supposedly muslims who invented medicine. here is proof that that its all bullshit and its another ‘christian’ move to put blame on someone else instead of owning up to it. not much difference from passing o.t.o. along to the turks by calling their empire the osmanische reich. or calling prussia, prussia like p-russia when both empires were in vienna, austria. german administration loves passing hot potatos around. its not much different from them fucktards trying to pass that wheelchair on to me. lmao!
the word medicine comes from medici. look at the portraits of the medici family and tell me if they dont look like arabs. even one of the family members last name is ‘il moro’. yes the family comes from florence italy but they are germans. why? because it was the goths who conquered and took over rome in 700 a.d. look at the medici daggers and compare it to nazi officers daggers. very little has changed over the centuries. now look at the medici family crest. what do you see hiding in the back? a maltese cross similar to the one baron rothschild is wearing in his portrait. remember that the vatican corporation is headquartered in switzerland like e rothschilds, crown corporation, and united states corporation.
peep out the black death or bubonic plague doctors. at least the paintings of them. bird beaks for noses trying to blame jews when it is them killing people by spreading sickness and disease. stay the fuck out of my country or anyone elses even your own with that kind of shit. fucking pieces of shit fake ass jew ashkenazi german elite administration cunts!



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