i know that some of you niggas out there got beef with the police for harrassment or what not but i cannot stress the fact that you cannot just generalize that to the entire institution. when you treat them as a unit, they will act as one and nex thing you know you got 10 cops drawing their pistols at you. you want to be another statistic? treat them as individuals. i dont wanna see your ass in a coffin.
what you might not see is that these protests are a filter to bring out the ‘extremist’ out of the different groups participating in the protests. remember the lists they made of new extremists? that includes some protest groups all the way to the klan. it is being done to neutralize y’all.
the whole IS/ISIS conundrum in the middle east was set up the same way. they pulled these ‘extremists’ out of europe to bring them to the middle east to die at war.
THE POLICE IS NOT THE MAN! they are just like you. they have been made into vassals to protect the administration, industrialists and their institutions. where do you think the word VASECTOMY comes from? it’s like HYSTERECTOMY for hysterical women. lol! it might sound funny, but HYSTERIA WAS THE FIRST EVER DIAGNOSED PSYCHOLOGICAL ILLNESS. in the end they don’t want any of you, police and protestor including the military. that is why they are pitting you against them in an almost regular basis. so targetting the police would be a mistake in a protest. they are there to protect you. to help in this goddammed war! get it now?!
as for you triggerhappy cops, STAND THE FUCK DOWN! the sniping of the dallas police was intended to pit you against the protestors. this was a well organized attack and is far from the scope of demo organizers. it is akin to the jfk assassination. ASK YOURSELVES? WHERE WERE THE POLICE AND NEWS HELICOPTERS? WHO TOLD THEM TO STAND DOWN. ALSO, WHY WERE NO COPS DEPLOYED ON ROOFTOPS? WHO TOLD THEM TO STAND DOWN. LOOK DEEPER INTO THE SITUATION AND DON’T TAKE OUT YOUR LOSSES ON THE PROTESTORS. PROTECT THEM!
this bullshit ain’t much different from snipers who were shooting both sides of the ukraine revolt. this is to provoke both sides into more violence, keep them from coming together and usher in an oligarch industrialist president. they succeeded. y’all keep up this shit and shit might blow up like the ukraine and bring in mitt romney as your next ruler. LMAO!



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