2 bailiffs shot dead at a michigan courthouse. a 27 year old democratic national comittee employee suffered multiple gunshot wounds until he died at the hospital. dallas police sniper a disgruntled veteran?! several things could be happening here at once or in combination.
— apparently there is a huge push to separate the people by separating the vassals. that is on one hand the police and on the other are the protestors and their organizers.
— gun drop takes on the real definition of the phrase and that is stricter gun regulations and ultimately its eradication. clearly a democrats agenda marked by psy ops, mkultra, psychology and social work married to the media and dependent to new tech. military and police will also be cut down according to human resources and personnel, another area in psychology of the ‘organizational’ type.
— this rush of police and security detail shootings and government employees are staged to sensitize and agitate police and security personnel not to mention latently, in other words, a reach around, to provide a corny bonding moment between government officials and police and security force. the dnc employee is their glue a.k.a. human sacrifice. rip! fuckin freaks! lol!
— staged means either it is entirely fake as in the case of a drill or training excercise, or it happened but along with it came the media psyops. remember also that there is a grip of events happening worldwide that we don’t hear about.
— democrats are false flagging by assassinating one of their own to generate sympathy to bring back trust in a crippled party. from fast and the furious atf conundrum to benghazi gate and installing an oligarch as president of ukraine this administration has really done a number to show their clone of german administrations gestapo intelligence i.e. infiltration, wanna be social justice warriors faces. hypocrits and fake. hillary sits in the board of directors for wallmart for fucks sake!
— no protestor no matter how disgruntled they are could and carry out an organized attack against the police, especially a veteran. they know the chain of command goes far up, way up.



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