i’m all for the new black panthers and all having known some of your OG founding members, but do you think its a good idea. it ain’t the time to play chicken right now especially when all groups have been gettin riled up and sniped on all sides. y’all should be on a divide and conquer watch and look out for each other even the damn police.
all this anti police sentiment because of a dude gettin shot in baton rouge and you don’t even know if the story is true. they just got you hatin on the police. the police gettin sniped in dallas is full of psy op b.s. like the disgruntled vet who supposedly took out his frustrations on the cops. now cops everywhere are on the look out for extremists and its tense. they don’t know themselves if the story is true either or a drill or a psyop. either way you still think it’s a good idea to go out and open carry? if you allow the police to protect you from threats then you should be alright. at least you’ll get that motherfucker sniping people on both sides. let the police do their jobs during protests and get that agent provocateur.
here’s a couple of shots i took of some cops fucking around with a skateboard and having some kind of resemblance to peace between multiple unwanted groups. this was right before the media and propaganda puppet master started their police abuse campaign. they just cannot have it. they know that once we all come together, includig the military, they are all fucked.
remember the word vasectomy comes from vassals which are the police and most of us so called knights made to protect their institutions and their wealth. its just just like hysterectomies came from the hysteria, the first ever diagnosed psychological illness.



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