pulled out a 1 of black hearts and rolled a 2 on a red dice crooked right side up. and based on todayz afrosyncretized jewmerology you can see how the name of the dayz have been coded. 
MONDAY — mon rhymes with one. so together monday is one day; or day one of the week. 
TUESDAY is literally 2’s day. in german tuesday is dienstag. dienst means service or THE service otherwise known as the military. it could also be jewsday whom launched a moral campaign again as of yesterday to maintain their image. the christians reluctantly staying neutral, they have a programmed obligation. ignore. 
afrosyncretized lucero or elegua is 1 and 3 and sarabanda is 2 and 4 in my setup. traditionally sarabanda or ogun is 7 and 21. 2 appears regardless and its my shit. in this case i am one. just like in your set up that translates to you being one. however that set up might be. thats why in palo, every prenda regardless of who will have a small lucero representing the operator. 
how does it relate to today and our society? 2 is a wild card. it can be an army or any group of men. in the case of intelligence, it would be 9. afrosyncretized 9 is mariwanga or centella or oya. the wind, intelligence, war, and is also associated with fire. she is akin to athena. the greek godess of war. 
with relation to the wind, american indians and early sailors/explorers coincidentally? came up with the concept of the 4 winds. its generally associated and mixed up with the 4 corners or 4 directions but it refers to the 4 DIFFERENT SOURCES OF WIND. we cant do nothing about natural without inflicting consequences so we will concern ourselves with HOW WE MAKE WIND. there is electromagnetic effects coming from us that is being magnified by frequencies we send off from our gadgets. and there are instruments of mass destruction intended for a covert secret war on humanity. those are satellites operating anonymously creating weather patterns that result in wind. this type of technology is clearly destructive and should not go unchecked. if only satellite operators would come out to either leak information or good conscience. 
wind of the type above described from covert activities from a group of shadow men in shadow governments can be called evil. this 9 or wind is of the 6+6+6 type or simply 666. 666 adds up to 18. 18 adds up to 9. this is why a group of men is evil. or in jumerology, the beast, satan and even 6od. yes even God. the G in god first of all looks like a 6 which means man. it also stands for gemeinde or gemeinshaft meaning group or together. 
in jewmerology, the letters equating to one in english are A, J, and S. in german and turkish, they are A, K, and U if you put the umlauts after each parent letter. aku or ako in tagalog means ME. lol! in your set up one should be you. you can even set up a lucena just for fucks sake. hehe.
the number two would equate to B, K, and T in english. it would be C, L, and Û or U UMLAUT in german and turkish, again if you put the umlaut letters after the parent letters. check out other languages and alphabets. otherwise your stuck in the language you play in. the words killer and terrorist already come to mind. and B? well… just like in the book ‘the scarlet letter’ if you stuck with one of those letters, welcome to the jew world of persecution. the only persecution goin here will be from the persecutors. fuck your classes and fuck your progroms!



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