harry potter aint got nothin on this mothafucke. nah, but friggin weird shit man. the scar lines you see in the photos is actually made up of a chain of small blisters. lol! no offense, straight talk. it use to be two. on the day i rolled a 2 on the dice. and now we got one more and an unidentified flying object. nope, its just a blister that opened up. ahhhhhh! varicella. who says microorganisms dont have consciousness? or is it a part of you? like an extended dendrite like this fly or beetle that manifested itself. its a peculiar one. ive seen black white striped and gold but maroon? same form though. lol. bugs.
2 is 9 in this case. the bug parked lower right corner in a v against the edge of the surface. roman 5. a intel army or a 10.45 or .54 on the typology chart downshifted to a 9. this is where the 9 is also a 5. sitting in the position of 7 or 4.
the fly on the board covered the entire left edge. lower left corner first and parked it in the middle at the end pointing northwest, which is the chi imprint coming from the local waterways. it also reflects where it is in relation to my basement floor. directionally. its pointing at 9 or im not sure 🙂



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