we had a storm pass through last night and we got a light show, got to download an updait and get a grip of confirmations. heres one of em. drew out the reading from last time to see how it relates to now.
runes: algiz, sowilo, mannaz, jera, raido, laguz, perp, thurisaz, wunjos, fehu and ansuz landed outside westside. the lay out in the drawing is pretty much the same. upside down mannaz, or man, was on top of jera. under raido is laguz, perp or perth the vessel/fruit tree, thurisaz, dagaz, kaunan.

note: fehu landed outside the mat or ring.
dice: red — 5, white — 3/6, black 5/6, yellow — 3, green — 1

note: theres no common denom for all here but they are connected to one another if you can get past the colors and numbers.
cowrie shells: 3 down 3 up including purple unopened shell.

note: clumped southwest
chamalongos: 3 up 5 down
anomalous is the orange lightning flashes low on the horizon, north. northwest flashes synced rhythmiclly. but it was flashin pretty much 3 6 0.
discussion: this is consistent to the dropping down of each entity here represented by a number or combination of them a notch during wars personal fights and perhaps disagreements.
in my set up, ozain is at ten if the operator is attributed 1, 2 and 3. the 10 drops down to 9. the 8 to 7 and so forth. this should also lend itself as a hint to connect all dice regardless of number or color. the dice being people. the mat being the material and quantum worlds.
fehu or fe who?, sits outside the mat in this throw pand layout. here are times the influences of man increases the chances for a change in destiny (not necessarily of fate) to be not present as fate sits outside our known worlds and realities hus our influences. my 2 sents to the philos out there. lmao. coz on the mat ring or you can even say boat. we got sows, brains, perps and all kinds of killers. lol! shit we even got man turned upside down on this muthafucka lookin like the devil sittin on top of jera! my 40 days of talking to satan. and that is if man is 6. bwahahahaha! satans traps have been set. lol! BUSTED! nah, relate it to you and events around and go outside and see how it connects to world events and how nature is acting. see what symbols from fate you get. they will speak to you in the languages and values you know and hold.
in sequence with the previous reading, 3 remains consistent. even in this reading the 3 is in full effect with chamalongos and the cowrie shells. 13 runes turned up.
the dice adds to 20 or 2 if you sum all digits. the dice being 6 sided artifact represents man for me if man is attributed the number 6. mannaz the rune turned upside down and the symbol is then 2 points up. weird shit but fact! proof man as satan and God. this is how to serve it back to masta! hahahaha! its their system. now thats gangsta. nah, but its a trip to know what you got on your boat and what the fuck you gonna do? what can you do? all you can say is get behind me satan! right?! phew…



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