the 10 percent misalignment in the herten observatory i believe now is an adjustment based on todays revelations. the misalignment naturally will have an effect but we have all been living cut off from the magnetic world by following their geographical system based on a geographical north and not magnetic north. not to dismiss this tremendous issue but it is outside the scope of this report.
i posted earlier at my other google plus blog 54t4n5w0r5tn1ghtm4r3 and satansworstnightmare at wordpress that maps are full of masonic distractions. there are leads but the bullshit is so thick it will take a lifetime to uncover. i argued that switzerland is the where christians and jews of europes imperial and colonial past stashed their booties. switzerland around the 11th century established the banking system and today it is the home for the united states incorporation, the crown corporation and the vatican corporation. lets not forget rothschilds headquarters can also be found in switzerland. like i said, maps can be confusing but there are enough landmarks in nature that point us to where we need to go.
on that note, when you take the 10 degree adjustment and cross it with the north/south axis at the axis of the observatory, it should make a bee line all the way to the tip of pointer finger of corsica island which i mistakenly reported as sardinas island. note the town of sion just east of geneva and south of bern. sion or zion is not only a mountain in israel and a conspiracy book as in the priory of zion, but it actually means bloodline.
when you follow corsica it should point you to the direction of lake constance which i visited in 2005. i took a grip of pictures that got lost while working with helmut tag and tüv academy. it mysteriously disappeared in a usb i used for work. pictures showed the collusion between freemasons, the church, royal families of germany and porn. lmao! socialists and I’s together?! hard to believe but yes. they lead us to think they fight for our behalf against the other but this was proof that the other is just controlled opposition. and that we still live under german aristocratic rule. i walked into a castle courtyard and found a huge golden statue complex of isis, apollo, cernunnos and a bronze jesus with his third eye on his navel. and get this, he’s half fish. can anyone say mewrongvians? i can’t even spell it but no, not on this one. hahahahaha!!
shout out to the slug reminding me to make the adjustment. lol!
va con licensia rompe monte vence guerra vence batalla batalla congo kita muna nkita con licencia sociodad ngo va con licensia zarabanda monte oscuro buey suelto sabana gombe =)



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