its not like e days of cheap cigarettes and beer when you visit a developing country anymore. PRICES ARE MORE EXPENSIVE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES THAN FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES FOR HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS.
take a regular ol nivea deodorant for example. in germany a 150 ml nivea deo will cost you 1.75€ but in the philippines it will cost the equivalent of 4€?! philippines, either you need to come up with your own industries or your gonna have to take a hit on your sickening profit margins. and as for you nivea you should lower prices and adjust to the currency of country and market you are targetting. you fuckers have gotten lazy and just put a flat price for all nations regardless of developing stage.
alcohol and cigarettes and why they are so cheap is that they belong to the old industries. these industries have also set production in the respective country and market they target. they do serve as a foot in the door or in markets of foreign nations for other products and the new economic world model.
but how is that viable? the prices are so ridiculously high for everything while some of these people live in boxes and in cocrete jungles with little or no oppurtunities for employment? the pay for those jobs are also extremely low. a professor at a university in the philippines takes in 400€ a month. even in your respective countries you are choking your own people out with your increased profit margins and fixed prices and bullshit import rhetoric. fucking corporate cannibals! that is your distributing companies and their rotarist clubbers fixing prices. these fucktards dont even take the motherfucking exchange rates of 50 pesos to 1 euro into account outside of pricing. greedy motherfuckers capitalizing on overpopulation without regard to life.



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