i see masons, rotary clubbers and the chambers of commerce is happy. but trumps promise of jobs is not congruent with trends of multinational companies who have their production somewhere else enjoying the toils of modern slavery. not only that, theyre moving their companies to countries whom waiver taxes for such companies.
trumps plus is he’s not a poster boy for any company but his own. can something like joe bidens son hunter to be put in charge of a multinational company somewhere outside the country? absolutely. this is equivalent to u.s. presidential advisors to other nations.. this time though, their ‘business’ diplomats will not be sitting in the oval office somewhere but in the boardrooms of the companies in their respective countries. when politicians of those respective countries also belong to the board of directors of their respective companies, you better damn well know that fascism is in full effect and it is the political structure we all currently experience.
in that case, no shit masons, rotary clubbers and chambers of commerce is happy as shit. but what the fuck happened to you guys. you are so far from your oaths and calling that i dont even know why you call yourself trade and advocates still! single unit currency has led you to forget some of your fellow tradesmen and brothers around the world, left with a promise undelivered. shame on you. the prices of products today cost more in third world countries than developed countries. normal household products! this is while they live in boxes. how the fuck is that suppose to work moving into the future without having people fall off?! OPEN THE FUCKING BORDERS YOU FUCKING OLD INDUSTRY MAFIA BOSSES!



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