and its not for the poor either apparently according to the old lady who belonged to the church i was sitting in. after she accosted me she told me i should go to the mosque?! what?! to be with the rest of the welfare moms and hoodlums or what? i told her i still pay my church taxes and got every goddamned right to be on church property. thats after telling her were not on public streets no more.
not long after, a church member allowed me in to ask the organist if he could rock one over my 10 watt trunk of funk. lol! the organist agreed to the challenge and this is what came out of it.
first of all, i was happy as shit. i was in nigga! i propped the boombox on the baptismal bowl and let out my scariest midi growl on the most gangsta of beats. he built a barrier of acoustic sound around his person as he mixed beats with his hands and feet. i had to turn the box to face him just to be fair. who won? you decide. thank you to the evangelic church of gelsenkirchen somewhere north of downtown.
in a 5 shell oracle this is why the 2 and 4 is a split. nasty grandmas looking for some discipline i see. lmao!



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